4th July | The Nightingale

Kalamata Dance Megaron - Studio | 21:00 o'clock | Entrance 7 & 5 €


A musical fairy tale for children (in Greek)

ARTéfacts ensemble, music by Stathis Giftakis

Guido De Flaviis – Saxophone

Spyros Tzekos – Clarinet

Ilias Sdoukos – Viola

Thodoris Vazakas – Percussion

Vangelis Stathoulopoulos – Flute

Alexandros Botinis – Violoncello

Nikos Tsoukalas – Double Basse

Evgenios Zimpai – Violin

Foteini Banou – Narration

Louizos Aslanidis – Director

“The Nightingale” is a widely known fairy tale by the famous storyteller Christian Andersen. Its direct relation with music inspired numerous musical adaptations during the last century. Stathis Giftakis’ approach was based on an idea of the Artefacts Ensemble for the creation of a musical fairy tale that would introduce contemporary music idioms and composition elements to little children. Its music is therefore not very daring but tries to balance between the “relatable” and the Avant-garde.  

The nightingale, impersonated by the flute, talks to the king, to the servants, to a little girl, to Death, to the cook and even to the king’s “fake” nightingale.

The Artefacts Ensemble and the actress Foteini Banou, with a lot of humour, freshness and originality, successfully gain the children’s as well as the adult’s attention.

ARTéfacts Ensemble was founded in 2007 in Athens and made their debut in January 2008. The ensemble consists of 7 core members and constantly collaborates with a number of other musicians and a varied range of artists. The flexible structure of the ensemble and, mainly, the presence of a multimedia director within its basic core members offer various possibilities for a more fresh, approachable and rich presentation of the contemporary repertoire.

So far in their artistic career, the ARTéfacts ensemble has performed at the KOTH Underground Festival (Thessaloniki, 2012), the Athens Festival (2008) and the Porto Heli International Festival (2008), as well as in various venues in Athens including the Onassis Cultural Center, AN-ART Artistry, the Parnassos Literary Society, the Philippos Nakas Conservatory, the Trianon Filmcenter, the 104 Center of Discourse and Art, the Center for Music Composition and Performance ABOUT, the Athens Center BIOS, the Hitirio Theater and the Embros Theater, presenting works of important composers from various contemporary music trends. In the rest of Greece, the ensemble has presented educational programmes at the Cultural Center of Krokees, the Cultural Center of Scala and the Kalamata Municipal Cultural Center.

It has also collaborated with the director Thomas Moschopoulos, the music theatre company "The Beggars' Opera" and the composer Kharalampos Goyos.

Maurilio Cacciatore, Stathis Gyftakis and Kornilios Selamsis, the latter being a regular collaborator of the ensemble, have composed pieces exclusively for the ARTéfacts ensemble.

More information at the official webpage of the ensemble: www.artefactsensemble.gr

Stathis Giftakis was born in Kalamata in 1967. He studied piano with Dora Bakopoulos (Piano Diploma with Distinction) and composition with Theodore Antoniou (Composition Diploma with Distinction and 1st Prize).

Works of him have been successfully performed in Greece and abroad (Turkey, France, Germany, Italy, Canada, Russia, Belgium, U.S.A., Portugal, Austria and Holland) among others by the Athens State Orchestra, the Greek Ensemble of Contemporary Music, the National Opera Ensemble, the Orchestra of Colours, the Arcadian Woodwind Quintet, the Duo Palmos, the ARTéfacts ensemble, the Danubia Winds Orchestra, the Kalamata Symphonic Orchestra and the Kalamata Municipal Youth Orchestra.

​Works of him have been selected for and then distinguished in workshops of contemporary music and awarded in several competitions. Many compositions of Stathis Giftakis have been performed or commissioned by festivals such as the Athens Greek Festival, the Volos Music Theatre Festival, the Kalamata Dance Festival, the Greece in Milan festival, the Aegena Music Festival and the Mediterranean Music Festival in Istanbul. He is a member of the Greek Composers' Union Board.

​He was appointed as the Artistic Director of the Municipal Conservatory of Kalamata from 2003 to 2009 and then again since September 2015.

​Since 2017 he was appointed as the Local Artistic Director of the Kalamata International Choir Competition and Festival.

​Stathis Giftakis teaches piano and theory at the Municipal Conservatory of Kalamata and is one of the funding members of the International Kalamata Music Days.

© Stelios Kritikakis

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