Terms of participation at the masterclasses 2019


The masterclasses


The masterclasses of the 3rd International Kalamata Music Days are going to be held in two periods: from the 1st until the 6th July 2019 (Vocal and Stage Performance Masterclass with Aris Christofellis and Panagiotis Adam) in rooms of the Municipal Conservatory of Kalamata and from the 10th until the 18th July 2019 (Violin, Violoncello and Piano Masterclasses with Felix Froschhammer, Indira Rahmatulla and Alexia Mouza respectively) in rooms of the Municipal Conservatory of Kalamata and also in the Philharmonic Amphitheatre, which is located near to the conservatory.


The International Kalamata Music Days are aiming to create an environment where the young musicians can develop their artistic and technical skills in music making along with the development of the whole person through the community. The lessons will focus on the musical and technical progress of each musician encompassing his/her personal desires and goals. Musicians preparing for exams, competitions or auditions are also welcome.


Already existing chamber music ensembles (for example duets, piano trios etc.), that are interested to participate at the masterclasses and would like to present their work to more than one tutor (for example a piano trio could have lessons with Felix Froschhammer, Indira Rahmatulla and Alexia Mouza) are also welcomed and can communicate with us through our e-mail, if interested.

Participation Fee


The cost of an active participation at the masterclasses is:

  • Vocal and Stage Performance Masterclass with Aris Christofellis and Panagiotis Adam (100 €)

  • Violin Masterclass with Felix Froschhammer (250 €)

  • Violoncello Masterclass with Indira Rahmatulla (250 €)

  • Piano Masterclass with Alexia Mouza (250 €)

  • Chamber Music Ensemble (150 € for each member of the ensemble)


30 € of each amount above constitute the application fee and a receipt of its deposit must be sent together with the filled application form. Without the deposit of the 30 € your application is not complete. From the moment of being accepted as an active participant, please settle the remaining amount (tuition) up to the end of the masterclass you are attending. The tuition can be transferred to the bank account of FARIS (below) or payed in person in Kalamata.


In case of non-attendance the tuition will be refunded, if already payed. The application fee (30 €) is non-refundable.


Deposit information:



IBAN: GR96 0140 5030 5030 0200 2000 683

Purpose of transfer: IKMD 2019 / Applicants name


The masterclasses are open to the public. A passive attendance to listen to the lessons is free.




The participation fee does not include accommodation in Kalamata. If accommodation is needed feel free to contact us for help.




The festival offers daily to its active participants (also to their parents or other companion) lunch at restaurants near the conservatory at reasonable prices.


Bus from Athens Airport to Kalamata and back


The International Kalamata Music Days are offering to the active participants of the masterclasses of the second period (10th to 18th July 2019) free travelling with our bus from Athens International Airport (Eleftherios Venizelos) to Kalamata on 9th July 2019. On 19th July 2019 the festival offers the journey back. More detailed:


9th July 2019

Route: Athens International Airport (Eleftherios Venizelos) – Kalamata

Departure from the airport: 17:00

Arrival in Kalamata: 20:30


19th July 2019

Route: Kalamata – Athens International Airport (Eleftherios Venizelos)

Departure from Kalamata: 06:00

Arrival at the airport: 09:30


If interested, please check the relevant box on the online application form.




Application deadline for all the masterclasses is the 10th of June 2019. Our online application form can be found here.

ATTENTION: you can not apply as a chamber music ensemble through the online application form. Interested ensembles are kindly asked to contact with us via e-mail (info@kalamatamusicdays.com).


A full CV must be included with your online application.


In your application form you can also include audio-visual material or web links as a sample of your level. It is not necessary to send audio-visual material of the same pieces you wish to present in the masterclass, but a general sample of your playing is desired. You could send your application form without attaching material, but in this case your application, due to the limited number of possible active participants, will be considered following the applications that include audio-visual material. It is very likely that not everyone who is interested will be able to actively partake. If the applications are exceeding the available slots, the applicants will be selected according to the available audio-visual material. You can use the platform of WeTransfer or Youtube.


Those who wish to play with piano must send the sheet music as a PDF file once accepted. The accompaniment of a participant by a "personal" pianist (friend, teacher, etc.) is also possible. This, however, should be stated in the application.


The pianists – accompanists of the 3rd International Kalamata Music Days are:

  • Vocal and Stage Performance Masterclass: Yiannis Aeriniotis

  • Violin Masterclass: Lucas Georgas

  • Violoncello Masterclass: Yannis Shymko


Participation in the masterclasses shall indicate the participant's acceptance of the festival organiser's right to use any photo, video or recording that occurred during the time of the festival for purposes of advertisement and promotion of the festival's future events. No personal information is going to be shared with third parties.

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