14th July | Oh, das schmeckt gut! - A musical wine journey

Concert Hall of Municipal Conservatory of Kalamata | 21:00 o'clock | Entrance 10 €


‘Ah, that tastes nice!’ - these seem to be the last words of Johannes Brahms when his nurse offered him a glass of wine.

It may not be evident at first, but classical music and wine share many common characteristics. Every performance of classical music carries elements from the composer, the musical era in which the piece was written, the artistic period of the composer, as well as the aesthetics of the performer. At the same time, each wine shows similar variability since it comes from different varieties, climate, soil, and reflects the character of the producer.

We invite you to a musical wine-tasting where classical pieces, starting from the baroque era up to the 20th century, will be accompanied by distinctive Greek wines. The format of this event is simple: There will be a short presentation of each piece and its corresponding wine, explaining the concept behind their pairing, followed by a live performance as you taste!

A unique evening where music and wine will be in the spotlight.


The schedule and the wine list is a surprise.

Presentation language: English


Ilias Anagnostaras, presentation

Vicky Vassiliadi, flute

Kostas Galanis, piano

Loucas Georgas, piano

Stathis Giftakis, piano

Anastasis Zafeiropoulos, piano

Katerina Palaiologou, soprano

Indira Rahmatulla, violoncello

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